GREENVILLE, Maine (News Center)-- Pine Tree Summer Camp staff and campers gathered at Moosehead Lake today in Greenville to race on the ice. But this group of campers were more than brave to take on this winter sport.

They want to put the pedal to the metal.

"Yeah I love it, I love the adrenaline rush," said Issac Chadvourne, a camper at Pine Tree.

They let out their inner Vin Diesel.

"It was fast and furious," said camper Sonja Sprague.

But these aren't your typical ice racing passengers. They're campers at Pine Tree Camp, a summer camp for handicapped kids. But they don't let their disabilities keep them from tearing up the ice on Moose Head Lake.

Chadvourne said, "It was fun because you start out slow. And then he stepped on the gas and went around the corner and started to drift. It was really cool!"

This is the first year Pine Tree partnered with West Cove Ice Racing Club. And when all is said and done, it's hard to pick who the event meant more to.

"It makes me feel wonderful that we can get these kids out and do something like that. It's just- it makes you feel good inside," said race car driver and Vice President of West Cove IceRacing Club, Nick Hanson.

Most the campers are eager to get into the race cars, but Kahleb Truman decided he would rather take the day off from being a dare devil and just watch his friends instead.

"I have days that I want to do stuff and I have days that I just want to sit and relax," he said.

Even though it's winter time, Pine Tree doesn't forget about its campers. The camp officials invite campers to Greenville every year for a weekend of winter fun for the past seventeen years.

"The community of Greenville just gets behind us and they try to have all kinds of great events for us. They provide snowmobiles for us to ride, they're having fireworks tonight, they're taken us ice fishing," said Harvey Chesley, Facilities Director at Pine Tree.

"This is my fourth year up here. I like it," said Truman, "I'd do it again next year if we come out."