BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Five musical actssounded off atBangor music compeition Friday for a chance to win time in a professional recording studio.

The stakeswere high at Young and Free's Sound Off Music competition where four bands and one solo artist played their hearts out for a chance to secure one of three winning spots in the competition. Twenty-six bands and musicians from Maine entered the competition late last month. From that, thecompetition chosefive finalists. Besides time in the recording studio, the prize included performing live at the KahBang music festival in August.

"People who have performed previously at KahBang have kind of come since then. So it's really cool to see that people have performed live in Bangor and they've made a name for themselves after that," said Young And Free Maine spokesperson, Lauren Reeves.

"It would mean a lot of exposure if we get to play at KahBang, and definitely it would be awesome to have the studio time," said local solo muscian, Samantha Lynn.

Many of these artists have been together for years, playing together more for fun than as a profession.

A member of SirEEL said about his band, "We haven't played a gig yet, we've been playing house parties and stuff like that. It's been a of a hobby, a six year hobby."

For the band the Skastitutes, playing at KahBang could determine the band's future.

"We're all going to graduate pretty soon so we will see which side of the line we land on- breaking up or keeping the band together," the Skastitutes said.

When the winnerswere finally announced, itwasa nail biting moment. The Skastitutes took first prize.

"We're pumped! We can't wait to play at KahBang. The fact that we're going to be back with bands of that caliber, like with talent that's, you know, really been out there is incredibly exciting and incredibly flattering," said the band.

The third place winner gets a feature interview that will be posted on Young And Free Maine's Website while the second place winner gets the opportunity to perform at KahBang.

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