BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- School administrators in Maine are trying to figure out how to implement a law that will soon take effect that will expand summer lunch programs.

Under the law, when more than half the students at a school qualify for free or reduced-price lunches, the school will have to offer lunches in the summer if it has summer classes or programs. Supporters and opponents of the expansion say the way to make it work best is to ensure that schools and communities work together.

"Is that it is also a wonder opportunity for community collaboration," said Melissa Huston who is director of philanthropy for 'Good Shepherd Food Bank, "So the burden doesn't have to fall all onto the schools through volunteers, nonprofit organizations, and community resources that are already out there.. it can be a really lovely outreach from the community."

The federal government pays for the food in the summer lunch program, but school districts have to administerit and there are concerns about that expense, especially in low-income areas.

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