NEWCASTLE, Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- Just as we're cleaning up from yesterday's snowstorm, another one is in the forecast for this weekend. On the calendar, we still have more than a month of winter left to go. And in Maine, we know the cold weather could hang on longer than that.

With all the cold and snow we've had so far, people may be feeling some winter fatigue.Its certainly having an impact on some business owners, who say they're eager for winter to be over, because snowstorms cost them money. Convenience stores, restaurants, even car dealers say that cold and storms keep customers away. But some other businesses, like outdoor equipment dealers, say winter keeps the registers ringing and keeps service people working.

That said, even some people who do make money from winter are feeling the fatigue after two and a half months of mostly cold and snow. Plow driver Brandon Henney of Nobleboro told NEWS CENTER," It was great in December. Now I'm done. When it was all gone I was happy thinking we're on the it doesn't look like it."

But Matthew Norris, who co-owns Sara;s Café in Wiscasset, says businesses like his just have to make the best of winter. He said Thursday's storm forced them to close early. But Norris says some of the staff stayed:" Our two dining room managers came in and painted all day, to make the place a little brighter and nicer for the locals."