PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- On the second busiest day of the year, florists weremet with another challenge... a storm.

"With schools closing and businesses closing... we have one address and we have to find the order --then get the new address and make sure we can get it out to them today," said Harmon's & Barton's Manager in Portland, James Parent.

At the Harmon's & Barton's stores in both Westbrook and Portland,calls came in from dozens of people needing to change the destination of their arrangement. But one story took them by surprise.

"The best love story that I've had in a long time," said Parent who has been with the company for twelve years."A gentleman was trapped down South due to snow and he could not be there with his wife today. And he is sending out three different arrangements to three different locations. One being home. Her work. And another location. The first card says I. The second card says love. And the third card says you."

Parent says the first two arrangements werea mix of flowersand the last were a dozen red roses.

"Because we're tired, because this has been a long week, we all just kind of went... awe."

The campany received more than a thousand orders over the phone for Valentine's Day flower arrangements and hundreds more orders from people walking into their stores. V-day is not the busiest day of the year for them, however, Parents saysthe most flowers are sold on Mother's Day.

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