PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- In the spirit of Valentine's Day, the Morning Report had a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist give love advice. Jack Burke has 25 years of experience in private practice.

Burke said we can fall in love at first sight; a real chemical reaction can occur. It is hard to judge somebody after infatuation, said Burke, so it is necessary to think about "where is my life headed?" That can drastically change mate choice, said Burk.

There are three things that make relationships have a better chance of lasting, said Burke. Similar IQs help make love last, because it makes conversing easier. The same self-esteem background is important as well. Being equally crazy is also helpful because the couple will have similar affects.

Love can come and go quickly, but Burke said it is possible to make it last. The secret is compatibility. Burke said there are three types of marriage: love/lust, business, and companionship. Burke said it is luck to have all three at once, but it doesn't always happen that way. Love/lust is usually the first marriage, and is "fun and romantic." The business starts with kids, mortgages and planning for the future. Companionship marriage is when the partners are friends.

Burke said tackling projects together can really help the marriage. For example, shoveling the driveway is more constructive than going out to dinner.

For those living the single life, Burke suggested spending this Valentine's day with an open mind. He said that meeting someone new is unpredictable - it can be a phone call or around the corner.

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