EAST MILLINOCK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The parent company of Great Northern Paper and the governor's office announced Thursday that they want the mill to sell electricity through a partnership with the owner of several hydro dams.

The news of the plan comes as a relief to struggling small business owners who rely on mill employees as customers.

"A lot of people around here can't live on the unemployment alone. But I think everybody is trying to stay real positive. The group that bought the mill this time has been fair with everybody that I'm aware of. I think if they have a plan, I say they should go for it," said Beth Potvin.

Potvin said this is the third time she has seen the mill close in the last nine years. Many of the workers may go back to school to learn new skills or move on to find other jobs if Cate Street Capital, the parent company, doesn't put their plan into place soon.