BETHEL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine has logged a lot of cold temperatures this winter, and when the temperature goes down the thermostat goes up.

That has more people thinking about alternative heating sources like pellet boilers. The industry has struggled over the years to convince homeowners to convert. But Maine Energy Systems, which manufactures boilers and delivers pellets, has seen a dramatic uptick in inquiries about its product. The company typically sees about a fifty percent increase in business each year, but this month it has already experienced a one hundred percent increase over last January.

"And yes, part of it's because it is exceptionally cold," CEO Les Otten said. "But the reality of the fact that you're now importing fuels from tens of thousand of miles away in some instances to get the fuel here is beginning to ring home."

A pellet boiler can cost anywhere between eleven thousand and twenty thousand dollars. Efficiency Maine offers a five thousand dollar rebate.

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