KITTERY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A student from Traip Academy in Kittery has been expelled for threatening to kill people at school.

Those threats happened a couple of weeks ago. After an investigation by police, the Superintendent of Schools recommended that the student by expelled. This week the school board agreed with that recommendation.

Besides being suspended that student is facing a criminal charge of terrorizing. Police determined the threats made by the 17-year old senior were credible. Now they believe items taken from his home during a search bolster their case against him.

"We did seize evidence with a search warrant. We're having that evidence processed at this time. My suspicion is that will help corroborate what we already know for information", said Kittery Police Chief Ted Short.

This all unfolded about January 14th, when students reported hearing the 17-year old say he was going to kill people and seeing threats we wrote online. The student was immediately removed from school and suspended. Police then launched an investigation that led to his expulsion.

"This particular case I think caused extreme anxiety among the students, staff, and the community", said Allyn Hutton, Superintendent of Schools.

School officials say he could be allowed back in school if he convinces the Kittery School Board he'll never do anything like this again. He could also make arrangements to do the work needed for his diploma off school grounds.

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