RUMFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Walk the halls of Mountain Valley High School and you see business as usual. Students working on their art projects despite most of the ceiling tiles are missing.

"You never know what you're going to get," says the teacher of art, StevenMcGinty.

They've resorted to moving their desks to the edges of theclassroom... for when the roof starts to drip.

"We call those dripfree zones."

The Directorof Grounds and Maintenance for RSU 10, estimates 65 leaksare across the school's roof. They've patched it several times over the years but the fact is -- it's too old.

"When it was built or reconstructed in 1984, the life expectancy of the roof was 25 years," says Superintendent Craig King. "Now it's 30 years later."

So far only two basketball games have been relocated, and the school managed to still hostthe MVC (cheerleading championship)two weeks ago, Monday.

"Around the main mat we had to have several buckets positioned in order to catch the rain and leaks coming down onto the court." And they had 400 or so athletes and spectators.

It's putting a strain on the custodial staff who are working feverishly to cover new leaks,even on the weekends.

"Cold is a good thing."

King says thehope was to get help from the state but now there's less expected revenue and no time left to wait.

"Clearly we don't want to have another winter where this happens again," says King. "We need to talk about timelines to take care of this problem."

He says with what money they do have, they've hired an engineering firm to make a comprehensive evaluation of the MVHS roof. The results will be presented to the school board on February 10.