BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Some quick action by staff at Eastern Maine Medical Center has now led to a medical device being recalled nationally.

The Vena Cava Filter is a device used to catch blood clots for most trauma patients. It has a small steel basket that's inserted intomain veins in thelegs where it can catch clots before they travel to the lungs. This past year officials at the hospital reported having problems with that basket.

They reported it to the U.S. Food and Drug Administrationwhich determined the product had been labeled incorrectly. That led to a Class 1 recall -- removing the device from hospitals across the U.S, Canada and Panama.

"It was noted by our interventional radiologist who was removing the device that it was difficult to remove and that's unusual," said the hospital's chief medical officer Dr. James Raczek, "so he decided to send it to our risk management department."

The filter is made by a company called Cordis. Staff at EMMC say at no point did they have major problems with the device and no patients were harmed during its use.

The hospital is still using the filter now that its label hasbeen changed.

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