BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The death of Stearns High School teacher, Denise Golding, came as a shock to everyone at the school. The 47-year-old, killed during a head on collision on Route 9 in Eddington on Monday.

Golding started teaching at the Millinocket School at the beginning of the year. She commuted with other teachers from the Bangor area each day for work, but when she didn't show up at their meeting spot Monday morning, the group knew something was wrong.

The single mother of four had come to Stearns High School with years of experience. Two of those years were spent teaching students in the country of China, which made her a perfect candidate to teach English as a second language, or ESL, to 15 international students at the Millinocket School. According to Superintendent, Kenneth Smith, grief councilors were made available to those having a hard time with the loss.

"You don't anticipate things like this happening and it's a real tragedy that everybody felt," said Smith.

A wake for Golding will be held Saturday from 2-5pm at Brookings-Smith in Bangor, with a funeral service there Sunday at 2pm.

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