GORHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Alan Michael Santos is facing charges of criminal threatening with a firearm, terrorizing with a firearm, reckless conduct and creating a standoff with police last night.

Police say Santos, a member of the Signma Nu Fraternity, threatened another member inside the fraternity house on School st. That person escaped but Santos remained inside for several hours while a police negotiator tried to talk him out.

Meanwhile, campus police and staff warned students to stay inside their dorms located just up the hill from Sigma Nu.

Bob Caswell of the University of Southern Maine says their procedure in this case was successful. Not only did they canvas campus, but university email notifications and text message alerts were sent.

"Number one is that no one was injured. And I think that is due in large part by the quick response and professionalism of the Gorham PD," says Caswell. "They did an incredible job last night."

As far as state and local laws are concerned, it is not illegal for anyone to possess guns in the frat since it is off campus.

However, it is against the national fraternity's policy. Sigma Nu is based in Lexington, Virginia. A spokesperson for the frat says it is against their policy to allow firearms inside any of their fraternity's houses. Brad Beacham also says he spoke to the brothers at USM and they are shocked by last night's events. He says there have never been any issues with the USM chapter of the past.

A police negotiator talked Santos out of the frat and he was taken into custody. He is being held on $15,000 bail and is expected to make his first court appearance in this case on Friday.

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