BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- As of January thousands were cut from Mainecare. Those receiving opiate treatment through the state program are now capped at two years. One Bangor Official says, paying for their treatment is now becoming the city's responsibility.

Suboxone treatment can cost $600 a month and with many being cut from Mainecare the hefty price will be falling on the city.

Council chair Ben Sprague is speaking out how once again cuts in Augusta are falling on the city.

Sprague says, "I'm not a doctor, I don't understand everything about medications and prescriptions but it seems to me we are a little out of whack right now. It seems like drug seeking behavior. I want the state to step up and help out with our regional drug problem because it is not going away. We are trying the best we cant shoulder the burden for the entire geographical area in the city of Bangor."

Since January 1st, Bangor Health and Community Services has seen more than 20 residents come in asking for help to pay for medication.This is stretching the general assistance fund way beyond their budget.A fund that helps struggling residents with rent, heat, and medications.

Sprague argues it is the increased number of residents receiving opiate addiction treatment that will cause a sharp rise in taxes here in Bangor.

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