DENNYSVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Many scallop draggers in Downeast Maine continue to worry if their season will be cut short as state marine officials are still considering placing more restrictions for dragging on Cobscook Bay.

Officials at the Maine Department of Marine Resourcessaid last week they had to do that because their research shows the scallop stock could be dangerously low. Right now fishermen have three days each week to drag for scallops on the bay. The department has considered shortening that to one day or even closing the fishery completely for the year.

Draggers NEWS CENTERspoke withon Tuesdaysay they feel the scallop stock is still in good shape. They want to see the bay remain open for dragging three days a week even if that means shortening the season as a whole. Currently it goes until late March.

"Three days is alright but once they {the state}cut it back it's not much sense to stay down here," said Chuck Cunningham of Machias, "I'm gonna go back home if it goes to one day a week."

"Myself I feel they should leave this open at least one more day a week," said James Kilton of Roque Bluffs, "if they're gonna close something give us two days up in here."

Maine's marine resources commissioner met with governor LePage on Tuesday. State officials saidin theafternoon they were still working on a final plan for scalloping on the bay.

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