BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- With confusion over whether there is a shortage of propane, the Propane Gas Association of New England says that there is plenty of supply, but that the issue is with transportation and infrastructure.

The deadly train explosion last yearin Lac Megantic, Quebeccaused suppliers to use alternate train routes that can't handle the loads. That backed up supplies according to Senior Planner for the Governor's Energy Office, Lisa Smith.

"All those delays have caused the rail shipments to be two, three weeks behind," said Smith.

Transportation is also an issue on the roads.Delivery drivers are only able to be behind the wheel of their tractor trailer trucks so many hours of the week. A limit that has caused them to not be able to keep up with demand. To try to regulate the problem several states, including Maine, have issued an hour of service waver to bring more propane into the state.

"What that allows truckers to do, is drive further distances to get supply and still be able to come back and deliver within the state," said Smith.

The cost of Propane is around $3.23 a gallon. According to the Maine Energy Office, around7.5% of the Maine population uses propane to heat their homes.

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