WASHINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Horse owners normally hire farriers to shoe their horses. Now, a small but growing group is not using shoes in caring for horse's feet. This practice is called "barefoot trimming" by people who are "natural care practitioners."

"I started having my own foot problems with my horses," said Angela Gore who is a barefoot trimmer. "I was out of options and with disintegrating horses.

So she turned to natural hoof care and many people are seeking out her services.

Brenda Buja is a horse owner who hires the Angela and Gabe Gore to care for her horses. "A lot of problems can cause long term problems such as joint problems," Buja told NEWS CENTER.

The Gores emphasize a good diet and clean stables to help horses stay healthy. They believe that shoes actually create problems for horses long term. They think their "barefoot farrier" business is only natural.

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