PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Educators from throughout the state met tonight to discussthenew state law whichrequires evaluations of educators based on a number of criteria, including student achievement.

Among the speakers, Mary Paine -- Educator Effectiveness Coordinator within the Department of Education. She says the committee has come up with how much student achievementcould weigh on teacher evaluations: 20%.

Boyd Marley of East End Community School says he'd like more clarification.

"Is it 20 percent of your class growth? Is it 20 percent of each individual student's growth? Because, for example,I could be below grade level and make substantial growth but when you put me into aggregate with the whole class... The class may not make the whole growth," says Marley."So I think those are the areas that they have to clarify."

Legislatures are expected to vote on the proposed 20% student growth measurement, next week.

The Department of Education is required to adopt rules regarding the requirements of the system with full compliance required in school year 2015-2016.

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