KINGFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Friends of a beloved preschool teacher in Kingfield found a unique and simple way to honor her memory.

Samantha Wright was killed in a car accident in New Vineyard last week. Wright's friends say she lived her life with compassion and kindness. As a tribute to her, for one day, they are asking everyone to do the same.They set up a Facebook page called Spread Some Samshine. Thousands of people from all over the world have joined, and have been sharing their random acts of kindness that have performed in Wright's name. Her friends say it's the best possible tribute to her.

"That we can just be kind to one another," organizer and friend Kate Hatfield said. "Do something nice for someone, put some light back out there, that's what Sam was about. She was about light."

Wright left behind a husband and fourteen month old daughter.A fund has been set up to assist the family.