BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- After having to make layoffs to start off the new year officials at Bangor International Airport are looking for ways to keep up business.

In the last few weeks the airport had to cut 25 full and part time positions. That's dueto the declining number of military flights through Bangor as U.S. troops are coming home from overseas.

The airport's director says the good news is that the number of people flying commercial air through Bangor is up. It rose about five percent last year.Officials saythat's a good thing because with recent airline mergers the question of whether the Queen City could lose routes to certain spots is still an open one.

"We'll wait to see if the Bangor flights are going to be cut or not," said airport director Tony Caruso, "obviously we hope that they don't...that flight has performed very well. It has great load we're hoping that flight can continue into the future."

Caruso says another bright spot for the airport is other companies using its property. 'C&L Aerospace' is perhaps the biggest success. The company specializes in aircraft mainteance and repair.

Since starting up the workforce at 'C&L' has grown from about 20 people to almost 130. The company says with plans to expand in progress that number could go up even further in the months ahead.

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