BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Public Works crews plan for snow storms each year and try to budget accordingly, but the amount of snow and ice we've had this year has been draining for several budgets.

According to the director of Brewer Public Works, the city has used almost half of it's $140,000 material budget for Salt and Sand this year. In overtime the city has spent around $19,000 in overtime with a budget of around $31,000 to bring extra crews on. There's still plenty more winter to go, andDirector of thedepartment, David Cote, says no matter what happens to his budget public safety comes first.

"You see a lot of other states that close down highways and in towns and stuff like that, very rarely do you ever see someone in Maine do that and that's what's expected and we try to maintain that expectation as best we can," said Cote.

The town of Orono is also in the same situation. Every ice storm this year has fallen on a weekend, causing the department to call in overtime each time.

"An ice storm on a weekend is just as expensive an event as we could possibly have and we've had two of those," said Director of Orono Public Works, Rob Yerxa. "It definitely has got us concerned."

Both Yerxa and Cote saysthat they have met with the cities manager to discuss alternate funds if public works runs out.