ORRINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Leaders in several area towns are starting todiscuss justhow they will get rid oftrash in their communitieswithout seeing substantially higher bills passed on to taxpayers.

Currently Bangor and many towns send their trash to an incinerator plant where it's burned to create power. Yet that service is expected to come at a much higher price in just a few years.

The Penobscot Energy Recover Center in Orrington commonly called PERC is that plant. The expectation is four years from now its directors are going to have to raise their rates sharply to take trash. That's because a power purchase agreement for the plant with Bangor Hydrois set to expire in 2018. Company officials say as a result they're going to get less for the electricity the center puts out and the only way to keep it going will be to raise rates.

City leaders in Bangorsay they arenot thrilled by that. They say those higher costs would only get passed right onto taxpayers.

Even worsecity councilorssay they arerunning out of other options to get rid of the city's trash. With a new law being considered for the state it could wind up costing just as much to take waste to a landfill.

"If this {landfill}legislation passes it could cost Bangor four to five hundred thousand dollars per year if we choose not to use the PERC plant after 2015," said city councilor Joe Baldacci, "So what we would prefer is a conversation with these towns...including Bangor...that all contribute currently to the PERC plant."

"There's a lot of debate on what the proper thing to do is," said Peter Prata, who is the plant manager for PERC, "They can landfill it {waste}cheaper..but with landfill all you're doing is storing it. It doesn't go away. They cap it {the landfill}'s there forever."

The bill regarding newlandfill feesis LD 1483. It would pass on a surcharge to communities that take their trash to a landfill instead of PERC.

The billwent through public hearing last week where many people spoke for and against it. Bangor's city councilwas planning to take an official stance against the bill on Monday night.