LINCOLN, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- We are barely into the heart of winter, and we've already experienced plenty of biting cold weather. That is putting a strain on everyones heating budgets.

Thom and Chris Huffstutler are one of thousands of families across Maine starting to worry about how they'll make it to spring. The Huffstutlers havehalf a tank of heating oil left, and they've already spent their heating assistance money.

They are both in their 60's and are living on $1000 dollars a month in social security income. They live in an old drafty house that they had paid off until last year whenthey say they had to take out a mortgage last year to help pay their heating bills.

"We bought 50 gallons ourselves going into fall then we got 50 gallons through the town, then we got $1000 dollars through ourLIHEAP but now that is completely used up, we have half a tank of oil, I just checked this morning." said Huffstutler.

Many Mainers are struggling to heat their homes, especially during this colder than normal winter. You can help by donating to NEWS CENTER's Project Heat this Thursday, January 16th.

You can also donate right now to the"Keep Maine Warm" fund Your generosity will keep Mainers warm and safe.

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