POLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A community ismourning the death of a young man gunned down on a Pennsylvania highway.

Pennsylvania police tell us that Timothy Davison was driving back to Maine after visiting relatives in Florida when he was brutally attacked on the highway.

New details emerged from the investigation on Tuesday.

Pennsylvania and Maryland State Police have been working with the FBI on this case, they've now created a task force specifically to find Davison's killer.

The story begins Friday night in Monaghan Township, Pennsylvania,where police say a black pickup truck fired 3 shots at a car, narrowly missing the driver.

Just 8 hours later, around 2 o'clock Saturday morning, policereceivea call from Davison along Interstate 81 in Maryland, claiming to be shot at by someone in a pickup truck.

Shortly after crossing the border into Pennsylvania, Davison was rammed into the median by the driver of the pickup, then shot several times. He died at the hospital.

At this point, it's unclear whether the incidents are related, butpolice areinvestigating them as though they areuntil evidence proves otherwise.

Police are looking for a small dark-colored Ford Rangerpickup truck. They believe someone out there knows who did this, or saw something and they want answers.

In the meantime, those who knew Davison knew him as "Asti." They say he was a funny and friendly guy and will be sorely missed.

The principal of Poland RegionalHigh School says the circumstances of Asti's death do not match the type of person they remember and love. Principal Cari Medd says, "He is remembered by staff here as a very loyal friend, a young man with a great sense of humor, and just a general wicked nice person. He was gentle, easy going and always had a smile."

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