BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- An emotional end to the lengthy trial of a Bangor woman who allegedly tortured and killed her husband. Roxanne Jeskey's fate now lies in the hands of the judge as both sides rested this evening. The state ended by recalling psychologist Dr. April O'Grady who testifies against the defense saying Jeskey knew right from wrong the night of her husband's death.

Jeskey has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, but Dr. O'Gradytestified several of the defendant's actions that night proves she knew what she was doing.

Roxanne Jeskey relayed information over several phone calls with her neighbor on that night. She was able to leave the situation, gooutside to damage her husband's motorcycleand goback inside. The next morning, she called Richard Jeskey's employer to tell him he would not be in that day. Shortly after she called police and stated her husband was unresponsive.

The defense stands strong with their argument Jeskey suffered from a mental break that day causing her to have an out of body experience which wastriggered from mental issues and a childhood of abuse.

Defense attorney Joe Baldacci said, "The most important thing for people to recall or remember about this case is that all the experts basically testified that this is a unique situation where you have an individual with these three diagnosis all together and I don't think that has been seen very often and it makes the case that much more difficult in terms of trying and resolving. It's gone on a lot longer than anyone had anticipated and right now the judge has said we will submit until march so we don't expect a verdict until March."

Both sides will submit written closing arguments to the judge by next month. If found guilty Roxanne Jeskey will face 25 years to life behind bars. If the judge finds her not guilty she will be placed in a psychiatric facility until she is deemed no longer a threat to society.