PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Thousands of flights have been canceled around the country due to the frigid weather.

JetBlue has grounded all its flights to and from Portlandfor the night Monday, and there are all kinds of cancellations and delays for everyone else. There have been problems with fog and trouble with warm rain turning to ice.

Paul Bradbury, the Airport Director in Portland, said those weather problems are coupled with new rules that went into effect this weekend, requiring pilots to get more rest. It's making it harder for airlines to get schedules lined up again.

Passengers in Portland Monday evening had a variety of reactions to the cancellations. M.A. Ruda, who also faced a 4 hour delay coming to Maine from Washington, D.C., was angry that her flight was cancelled at the last minute. She had been staying at her home on Islesboro. "We have to take a ferry off the island, and so it's not trivial," she said.

Laura Galligan, and her daughter, Phoebe Troup-Galligan, were trying to look on the bright side of not getting home to Oakland, CA for at least another day.

Laura Galligan said, "I won't get there any faster if I freak out, that's my guess."

Phoebe Troup-Galligan added, "I really like the snow, so I want to stay here more. Plus, it's kind of like an adventure, so I kind of like being stuck here."

JetBlue was hoping to have its flight schedule back to normal by Tuesday afternoon.

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