AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It was a difficult commute for many people this morning as some streets flooded and others iced up.

With temperatures dropping tonight, public safety officials are concerned about ice covered roadways. In some communities they are urging people to stay home.

"The city of Auburn has 3500 storm drains so they're trying to get to the ones that are causing the most problems for traffic but again it takes time to text people and they got all of the crews working out straight right now", said Auburn Deputy Police Chief Jason Moen.

He urged people to stay off the roads tonight and let crews do their job so that the morning commute can go smoothly.
Ice, slush, flooding waters, and fog all made it tough getting around today.
With freezing temperatures on the way it was a race against time to clear streets, as public works crews dug out snow covered drains.

"A lot of the catch basins as well as sluice ways where the water normally drains off the roadways, they were plugged because of snowbanks. So not only were we dealing with icy road conditions we're also dealing with floods because of the heavy rains", said Augusta Street Superintendent.

So far this winter it's been snow, freezing rain and frigid temperatures causing the problems. Today it was the mild temperatures, combined with heavy rain.