PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- We've seen storm after storm this winter and this rain, then sudden freeze will not be easy on top of it, so hopefully you've gotten your shoveling out of the way.

Lt. Robb Couture with the South Portland Fire Department says the number one priorities right now should be clearing out front orback doors that have snow build-up and any blocked heating vents.

If the vents are not clear, you run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

As for those walkways, you may not be using that front door now, but if you have a medical emergency the fire or rescue department likely will need to access it. Not to mention, if there ever is a fire, having any exit blocked is a bad plan, especially now that the snow is freezing. Lt. Couture says opening a door to that frozen snow will be like pushing it against a solid wall.

One final piece of advice in icy weather, check on any elderly neighbors or family members who could easily fall in slippery conditions. If they have any errands to run, maybe offer to go with them or run those errands for them.

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