WINDSOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A lot of people who lost power last week were forced to buy emergency supplies, and that put pressure on some stores to stay open - even if they also lost power.

One of those businesses was Hussey's General Store in Windsor. Hussey's was out of power for more than two days, but found ways to keep operating. The store has a generator, but it was only able to run the gas and kerosene pumps, the cash registers and some lights. Those were the essentials, because store workers say customers had to get fuel for their own generators and heaters. They also needed food, batteries and kerosene lamps. Customers bought up all the portable heaters in stock, and grocery manager Jacob Foster says they couldn't order more because the phones and computers were down until just after closing on Christmas Eve. Foster says the computer and phone issues also prevented the store from processing debit and credit cards, meaning customers could pay only with cash or checks.

Foster says the store had to throw away all the frozen food, because the generator couldn't power the freezers. But he and other workers think the sales balanced out the losses, and helped their customers get through a difficult week. But all at the store said that Sunday night's storm, and Monday's reports of more power outages, made them worry "Oh no, not again". Fortunately, Windsor and most surrounding towns had relatively few outages from the new storm.

They say they also lost the last two days of Christmas shopping, but think that was balanced by things people did buy.