AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- This weekend marks the beginning of winter and Maine is being walloped by a messy storm.

The conditions vary, depending on where you are, but many people are experiencing freezing rain, sleet and snow. The storm is making things busy today for power line crews.

Bangor hydro is reporting more than 76-hundred outages.
Central Maine power is reporting just 673 outages at this time.

"I think this is just the beginning," says George Martson. "Hopefully we'll be home for Christmas."

Those numbers have dropped drastically throughout the day as crews work feverishly to get customers back online.

In Augusta, pockets of freezing rain continued to build on ice covered trees and limbs -- weighing down power lines in heavily wooded areas.

Line workers battle ice in many ways to make repairs...whilst service workers scout for more areas of concern.

"When it's this big it's brings down trees not branches and that's what causes the most of our issues."

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