YARMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Anticipating a high number of outages, crews from power utilities across the state are at the ready.

Central Maine Power says that along with 170 of their own lineworkers, 250 more contracted lineworkers and more than 130 other field workers will be on duty Sunday morning.

Bangor Hydro says their crews are also prepared to work around the clock to restore electricity to customers.

And of course, both companies say that if you see a downed power line, assume that it is live. Do not touch it or attempt to move it.

Mister Sparky electricians in Yarmouth are making service checks on Saturday, reminding folks that generators should be placed more than 5 feet away from your home with plenty of air circulating.

"The units do generate a lot of carbon monoxide so it's advisable to have a carbon monoxide detector," says Michael LaPlante."Whether a hard-wired or a plug in one in your home."

Here are some tips on staying safe while powering your home with a generator:


  • Make sure all 4 sides of the generator are cleared of snow.
  • If you have propane make sure the tanks have fuel in them and that the tanks are cleared of snow.
  • Make sure there are no error codes, or red lights, on at the generator.
  • Have your service provider's phone number nearby.


  • Only use the generator outdoors and make sure it is 10-15 feet from any opening. Example window, door, furnace vent, etc
  • Keep the generator 5 to 10 feet away from combustible materials. Example house, garage, fence, etc
  • Do not hook the generator into the electrical system without the blessing of a licensed electrician. You could seriously hurt yourself or a cmp line worker.
  • Buy a carbon monoxide detector and install it.
  • If using temporary extension cords do not "pinch" them in doorways and windows
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