CORINTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Corinth United Methodist Church is getting ready for it's missions trip to Haiti next spring. They held a Christmas Shopper's Breakfast Saturday morning to help raise money.

The church is sending 7 of it's members to the northern town of Ansea Foleur. While there they will be holding vacation bible schools for the youth, organizing 5 nights of spiritual preaching in the town's square, as well as humanitarian work with a dental clinic.

"We provide uniforms for kids to go to school. We provide the church that's there rent for their building. All sorts of various things that we do while we're there," said Pastor Jim Proctor.

According Proctor the trip costs around $2,000 a person in addition to the money used to do the work in Haiti. An expensive cost that will be easier to afford thanks to the donations raised at the breakfast. This is the first year that Melissa Crooker will be going on the trip.

"Oh it's been wonderful," said Crooker. "We didn't know with the weather whether we would get a lot of support, but we have and we're really thankful."

The Corinth church members will be joined by 13 others from across the US. They will be in Haiti from March 28th to April 8th.

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