CLIFTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --A judge has overturned a lower court ruling that would have allowed five wind turbines to be built atop Pisgah Mountain in Clifton. Pisgah Mountain LLC, spearheaded by businessman Paul Fuller and his partners, say the $25 million dollar project would generate power for three thousand Maine homes. Fuller sought and received planning board approval two years ago, but Peter and Julie Beckford, who own land abutting the development, fought the project, fearing how the noise might affect them, and how the project would affect the towns rural character. They felt the planning board violated the towns land use ordinance by approving the project, and a judge of the Maine Business and Consumer Court has agreed.

"This victory has only been possible because of the support that Julie and I have had from town residents, neighbors, family, great lawyers and the Maine wind activists who don't want to see maine's beauty ruined to provide energy to the consumers in Connecticut and Massachusetts," said Paul Beckford as he was reading from a prepared statement.

Paul Fuller, howeversays this fight isn't over.

"The only way out is feet first. I'm committed to this project. It is a great project. It will profit the town of Clifton in so many ways. The delays that the Beckfords have caused to this project (are) at about 300 thousand dollars a year, that's a lot of money," said Fuller.

Hesays some options he's considering is taking the matter all the way to the Maine Supreme Court, or going back to the planning board to rework the towns land use ordinance. The Beckfords say they're ready for whatever's next.

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