FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Surely you've heard of wine tasting ...and beer tasting. But how about water tasting? There is a yearly competition across the country to see who has the best tasting water. Maine held it's state finals today today in Freeport.

Maine's Rural water supply...
Engineers make it safe for consumption but they strive to make it taste good too. "You hope to achieve both," says Bruce Berger of Wright-Pierce.

Held up in a hotel room ahead of the day's big baquet, the judges are unaware of the water's origin.

"Why do this? This is bragging rights," says Kristen Hebert of the Maine Rural Water Association."This is the best tasting water in the state."

23 samples will be narrowed down to 10 based on these three things: First, the taste. Second the smell... To see if there's any chemical odor. Lastly the look... Is it perfectly clear? Any particles floating in the water? Then the sample is scored.

2.5 is somewhere in the middle of the scale
Point 5 is the worst.
5 is the highest possible score.

"They do all taste different," says Keith Pratt of Underwood Engineers INC.

There are two groups of water judged.
Disinfected or treated water... And non-disinfected water, or untreated water that processes naturally through the ground.
They say the water that filters naturally often tastes the best.... Because it has no taste at all... It just tastes clean.

"It's actually absence of taste is what you're looking for," says Berger."Absence of anything."

Winners of the best water in Maine:
Point Sebago takes the best Non-Disinfected Water
Best Disinfected Water belongs to North Berwick
Point Sebago took the best tasting overall and will represent Maine at the "Great American Water Taste Test" in Washington D.C. In February.

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