BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Police say they know who is responsible for a string of 10 robberies in the Biddeford area that started on Thanksgiving, and the man has taken his own life.

Thursday night, police centered in on 27-year-old Tyler Trottier after a robbery at the May Mee Chinese restaurant. But they say they have no idea what Trottier's motive might have been. He has no criminal record, and police said they found no evidence of drug use in his apartment.

They say the break in this case was the fact that the May Mee restaurant was robbed during the day. Surveillance video on Main Street captured the suspect running down the street, and then a GMC pickup truck with a bike in the back running some stop signs. Later in the day, a detective spotted the truck in the driveway of 12 King Street, and saw clothes the suspect was described as wearing in the front seat. Police called Trottier, and a negotiator talked with him as the tactical team got in place along the road. He told the negotiator he'd be outside in a minute, but police said, instead, he shot himself in the chest.

"There is no opportunity to determine why he committed the robberies, wiehter it was illicit expenditure of the money, or he was going through a possible emotional crisis since Thanksgiving because the person is not here to tell us," Biddeford Police Chief Roger Beaupre said.

Those who knew Trottier are shocked and saddened about this. They say he was a nice guy and showed no sign he could be violent towards anyone.

Ann Harris, a friend of the Trottier family said that Tyler Trottier loved being outdoors and was kind. "Very surprising," Harris said. "Tyler was a great, happy go lucky kid. I've known him for a long time. Just a typical young man."

The victims of the robbery, though, are feeling relieved. Anna Lin, who was robbed at the May Mee Restaurant, said, "They said he already died. He killed himself. I was so happy about that."

Police say they found items in Trottier's house linking him to robberies in Biddeford, Arundel and Saco. However, police say they are still looking for suspects in a robbery at the Family Dollar. They do not believe Trottier had anything to do with that one.

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