KNOX COUNTY, Tennessee (WBIR) -- Foster children Eva and Jasmine shared the same Christmas wish.

During Vacation Bible School at their East Tennessee church this summer, the girls, ages 7 and 8, sent up their written prayer request in a balloon.

"We want to be adopted by our new mommy and daddy on Christmas," an adult helped them write on an index card.

At the time, they had only lived with foster parents, Dennis and Lynn, for two months. But the girls had already made up their minds.

"Because they loved me and took care of me," said Jasmine, 8.

"We took all of the prayer requests and we sealed them in a little zip lock bag. We took them outside and released these balloons," said Lynn, the girl's foster parents at the time. "There were 30 of them. The girls' balloon is the only one to this day that has come back to us."

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