SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Voters in Scarborough overturned an ordinance requiring dogs to be leashed on public property.

2,880 people voted no, to say they were not in favor of the leash ordinance. 1,059 people voted yes.

The year-round ban was enacted shortly after a dog killed a piping plover on Pine Point Beach back in July. The birds are classified as a threatened species, therefore, creating a heated debate between dog owners and environmentalists. Scarborough needed just over 2,300 votes for the referendum to count. The town had an estimated2,000 votes cast in absantee ballots alone.

The Town Council took the action after the Federal Government fined Scarborough $12,000 for the plover's death.

Katy Foley of Dog Owners of Greater Scarborough says this issue was about more than dogs on the beach.

"I think it's three things," Foley said."I think one, they clearly didn't like amendment to the ordinance that was put in place. I think two, they didn't like the process. And I think three, they really want decisions about our community and what's best for our community to be made at the local level, not by the federal government."

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