ARLINGTON, Massachusetts (WHDH) --Police in Arlington, Massachusetts are investigating an apparent murder-suicide that left a family of four dead.

Neighbors say the mother, Mei Kum Jones, was very protective of her twin sons 11-month-old Colt and Cameron.

"She was quite attentive of the babies. One had to wear a helmet, I'm not sure why but they were twin boys and adorable. The other day I came and I saw them in the window and they were on the couch and they just were adorable," said neighbor Clare MacFarlane.

Neighbors say the woman kept to herself mostly. The husband, Scott Jones, was more friendly but very focused on repairs to the condo and the masonry out front.

"He seemed fairly obsessed out there vacuuming the sidewalk on a pretty regular basis. We were always like 'he is vacuum vacuuming the sidewalk again.' That's like the only interaction we ever had with him was to notice that," said James Brooks, who lives two doors down.

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