SANFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The maker of the Sea Dog Biscuit is serving up more than ice cream these days and they've received an award for it.

Two Shain's of Maine regulars walk into a parlor...
"She said I'm going to take you out for breakfast," says a resident from North Berwick. "This is breakfast."

They liked their hot dogs smothered in mustard, relish, "celery salt,"
which comes on a grilled bun for a buck - or a dollar 75for two.

"Can't beat the price," he says.It began as a "cheap eats" promotion last May.

Jeff Shain of Shain's of Maine says"the key is selling things at a value. Not cheap, because cheap is cheap."

Every three weeks last summer you could get a .50 hot dog,burger, or cheeseburger, .99 grilled cheese sandwich, or the crowd favorite: "A lobster roll for $5.99."

"Then people would buy ice cream which is what we wanted," says Shain. Along withwanting to preparethe lobster roll how people prefer. Hepolled SOM Facebook followers: "So grilled or not grilled. For that is the question. And you answer is..."

Rita from Sanford says, "I like the grilled hot dog rolls. That's how I make mine." 98% percent of the voters do too, says Shain.

"And now here is the Shain's of Maine lobster roll ready to serve."
Cold lobster tossed with light mayo served on a bun grilled with real butter. "Oh my goodness,"says NEWS CENTER's Melissa Kenison."A little tangy. What's the tang in there?" Shain says,"I can't tell you all my secrets. What? If I tell you my secrets, I'll have to kill you." She responds, "fair enough."

The National Ice Cream Retailers Associationrecognized Shain's of Maine with the 2013 Promotion of the Year Award.

"It's a tribute to my staff, my customers. So we give them a great product at a great value. And we're going to keep on doing it," says Shain."I'm curious as to what crazy thing I'll come up with next year. I know I'll come up with something."

Create a name for the new Shain's of Maine Ice Cream flavor

Shain's of Maine wants to to name their new white chocolate ice cream. It has a hint of mint and red and green peppermint flakes.

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