WAUKESHA, Wisconsin (WTMJ) --Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Those words are taken quite literally by many. And now a Waukesha, Wisconsin cemetery is making sure our loved one's who've past become part of the Earth as quickly as possible.

Annette Kirchen lost her father about a year ago.

"Our family believes in living a simple life," says Annette.

A simple life with a simple burial: instead of a tombstone, a field of prairie; instead of a casket, a shroud.

"My dad really wanted a shroud. Because that was the quickest way to become part of the Earth again," explains Annette.

It's called a natural burial. A body is quite simply put into the ground and buried. If there is a casket it must be biodegradable.

"It sounds kind of crazy but when I found out about this I was so excited," remembers Annette.

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