SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Nose out from the under the comic and inside their latest inventions, fans cosplay at the Comicon.


"Took 5 and a half months to make. Iron Man of Maine. I'm located right in Oakland," says Thomas Leamoux.

The third annual convention has attracted a crew of ghostbusters.

"I have a blast every time. It's so much fun," says Ramon Jaunso."It's definitely a stress reliever."

Happy to be here from Ohio... Tim Shockey has brought his passion project: the green goblin from (1984) Stephen King's "Maximum Overdrive."

"At the end of the movie, Emilio Estavez blew it up with a rocket mortar..." and he's dedicated the last two years restoring it. "Had to. You just couldn't leave something like that in that shape for ever. It had to come back."

Through the crowd is the original "Vampire Santa."

"Would you like me to put my teeth in?"

Sal Lizard hasbeen in a dozen films, written a book, plus a comic in the works. But... he's just a regular guy.

"For a while I worked as a substitute teacher and children would say, 'you look like Santa.' And I'd say 'oh, sure. I look like him but my name is Mr. Lizard.' And then one child said, 'is that your real name?' And I said, well, do you expect me to write Santa Claus up there? I'd pick a fun name like Sal Lizard.' So it kind of just adds to it."

Lizard says his appearances will be less after this...
The Coast City Comicon is the last of the season and Maine's biggest one yet.

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