MONMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Cemeteries are often targets for vandalism, especially around Halloween, but a group of teens from Monmouth is doing just the opposite.

Social Studies teacher Jocelyn Gray brought her class to the cemetery for a history lesson. The students discovered two skeleton keys at the base of a broken headstone. In their research about the headstone and the keys, the students learned more about the cemetery, and discovered that many of the headstones were damaged. They are raising the money to fix them and taking time to clean up the grounds.

"This is a really old cemetery and I'd feel, I'd want somebody to clean up my cemetery," said Duncan Grant, one of the two students who discovered the keys. "I wouldn't want a knocked over grave."

The students are still researching why the keys might have been at the base of the headstone. They found some information about Seth Martin, the man who was buried there in 1896. They believe placing keys in the headstone may have been part of his heritage.

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