DOVER-FOXCROFT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- An annual Halloween event for families in town had to be called off for Friday night. For about a month the town's homecoming committee has been working to put together a haunted trail for people to enjoy two nights in October. Yet now that trail will not be ready for the festivities because it was targeted by vandals on Thursday night.

The trail is located behind the town office in Dover Foxcroft. All money raised from the 'haunted walk' was supposed to go to support the town's homecoming festival next summer.

The trail loops about a half mile into the woods behind the town office. To light it for people to walk through volunteers were using small solar-poweredlights, which weredonated for the event by a local store.

Fridaymorning many of those lights were found pulled up, some were smashed and others were thrown into the woods. Volunteers alsosay other parts of the trail had been dug up and rocks were thrown aroundmaking the trailunsafe for people to enjoy.

Typically the committee hosts an attraction like this for two nights in October but because of the damage the first night -- October 25-- had to be cancelled. They say they are hoping to have the trail ready for its next night on October 26.

"Any hit of course is going to be serious but for us we're a small committee with a small amount of funds to put on a celebration for thousands," said Sheila Bragg, who is the co-chair of the homecoming committee, "so any type of hit like this we consider big."

Volunteers say thankfully the community stepped up in support following the vandalism. Many people offered to donate solar lights to replace the ones that were broken.

The Dover FoxcroftPolice Departmentsays if you were near the town office Thursday night and saw something suspicious they would like to hear from you. Anyone with any information is asked to contact them at (207) 564-8021.

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