WINSLOW, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- In Maine's Kennebec County there is Winslow's High School cheerleading team. The squad is about half the size of most teams but they are not any less spirited.

"So today's spirit circle... you are going to tell me if you were a stunt, what would be and why? And also what you're most excited to show everybody today."

"If I were a stunt I would be a bow and arrow," says Senior Kiara Morrissette, "because I like bow hunting."

Freshman Kristen Boucher says, "I'm looking forward to showing people that we're more than just a group of girls."

Whether it's their cheer, stunts, or jumps, the Winslow cheer squad strives for perfection.

"You miss m'am... Bam. Hit it first and then pull it because you look gorgeous, okay?"

Coach Amy Davidson cheered for Winslow's rival --Messalonskee,and says back in her dayboth teams were good and both teams were big. This year Winslow's cheerleading team has just 9 girls including their only senior who is injured.

"The first day we were teaching thigh stands [and] now we're doing one-leggeds. Most of the time they're working."

Amy says the girls who mightnormally cheer, likedancers and gymnasts,now are sticking to their private teams. She say the decline is likely because those teams offer more opportunities to compete.

"I wish I had a team full of 20 girls but I would rather have four to six dedicated girls."

The girls say there is an upside to a small team.

"We have such a great bond," says Freshman Jenna Goss."We are almost like a family because there are so few of us."

At the beginning and end of every practice the squad joins in positive confession they call a spirit circle, whichreinforces the team's bond.

"Sometimes when things don't go perfect... They get to the end and they get to own it," says Amy. She is starting Winslow's first youth cheerleading program this year.

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