EDMUNDS TOWNSHIP, Maine(NEWS CENTER)-- After 16 long days, Congress comes to an agreement to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. The residual effects are still being felt and frustrations are being voiced. One person not satisfied with the agreement on Capitol Hill is Governor Paul LePage.

Governor Paul LePage had planned to visit the Edmunds Boat Ramp at Cobscook State Park after reports that the popular boat ramp was closed and keeping fishermen out for their daily catch.

LePage told attendees he was surprised the federal government entered a shutdown and that it had lasted sixteen days. The Republican governor, however, mentioned it was not about placing blame on any one party.

Governor LePage said, "Personally I think it is congress. It is the leadership in Washington. It is the leadership in the House, the leadership in the Senate, and the leadership in the White House. They are all equally at blame. There's no monopoly on stupidity."

The governor spent Thursday touring Washington County and speaking to residents.

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