BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --A John Bapst High School football coach who has a chance to get national recognition needs some help. USA TODAY selected Coach Dan O'Connell as a finalist for the best high school football coach of the year. O'connell won the state of Maine poll last week and is now 1 of 51 in 8 regional polls running. O'Connell currently is in second place at the moment with just under 30 percent of the votes in the Northeast Region. O'Connell took over as coach for a program on a 41-game losing streak and has managed a 68-36 record over the last 10 seasons. In 2008, he led John Bapst to the Class C state title. Theregional poll endsFriday at noon. Then eight regional winners move onto the national round. The athletic department of the winning coach will receive $2,000. To cast a vote click here

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