BETHEL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - One man was killed in an early morning fire in Bethel.

39-year old Joshua Piawlock died of smoke inhalation. His long time girlfriend and their 18-year old son managed to flee the burning building. One made it out a door, the other went through an upstairs window.

By mid-morning there was little left of the two-story home. Heavy equipment was brought in to tear down the remains of the structure to help investigators pinpoint a cause. They say the fire was started by electrical wiring in a wall on the first floor.

The fire spread so quickly, there was nothing firefighters could do to help the man inside.

"It's tough on the fire department. Obviously they try to do their best. In this case there's absolutely no way they could've saved the individual.There was just too much fire", said Sgt. Joel Davis of the State Fire Marshal's Office.

The fire happened right next-door to Gould Academy. As students and faculty arrived for classes word about the fire was beginning to spread. It was soon learned that the man who died in the fire, Josh Piawlock, worked at the school's kitchen for the food service company. School officials say he was well-known and well-liked.

"We had an assembly this morning and a moment of silence. We talked to the student body to let them know what happened. Again it's a sad day on campus", said Gould's Communication Director Tucker Kimball.

Investigators said there is no indication the smoke detectors in the house were working.

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