(NBC NEWS) --The defense presented its closing argument in the Michael Jackson civil wrongful death trial Wednesday.

The Jackson family claims Michael's life was cut short by drugs administered by a doctor paid for by entertainment company AEG Live, but AEG's attorney is arguing that only Michael Jackson was responsible for Michael Jackson.

"Make no mistake about this: it was Mister Jackson, not AEG Live, that chose Dr. Conrad Murray," attorney Marvin Putnam summed up.

AEG Live argues that Jackson was responsible for his own health care and that they only learned he was using anesthetics to sleep after the pop star's death.

"AEG Live would have never financed this tour if it knew Michael Jackson was playing Russian roulette every night in his bedroom," Putnam stated.

The personal damages the Jacksons are asking for could be dwarfed by the economic damages, which are left to the jury.

Expert witnesses for the plaintiffs testified the singer would have earned up to $1.6 billion from the comeback tour if he had lived.

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