WATERVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The paternal grandmother of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds is speaking out.

Monday, Ayla's mother revealed details about the investigation that she says have convinced her that Ayla's father, Justin Dipietro, is responsible for her death.In an interview with NEWS CENTER, Trista Reynolds described photos of blood evidence she says police showed her back in January.

Trista showed NEWS CENTER her written recollection of what she says she saw. She says police found blood throughout the house, and on Justin Dipietro's shoes and in his car. She says she is releasing these details so the public will press for prosecution. In a statement released Tuesday, Justin's mother, Phoebe Dipietro, says her family is still holding out hope that Ayla will be found alive. Phoebe Dipietro lives in the home where Ayla was last seen, but she was not home at the time of her disappearance. Her statement reads:

"Dear Members of the Media and Public -- For 21 months my family has been heartbroken waiting for word on Ayla. Praying daily and hoping every time the phone rings that the authorities have found Ayla.Blog world, the newspapers and even the evening news have a way of distorting the truth.

You have heard and read over and over again that Law Enforcement believe the 3 adults know more than what they are saying. Let me ask you this, if they so strongly believe that, why are they not asking the questions? Why are they not scheduling meetings with my family or with my attorney?

Trista can say and do what she wants. To the best of my knowledge [law enforcement] has not confirmed her allegations nor stated that she has been cleared as a suspect herself. I believe that the Focus should remain on finding Ayla. Once Ayla is found then and only then will I think about justice. Justice is served only when all facts and evidence are known and presented in a court of law.

For my family - the last thing left in Pandora 's Box is hope. We choose to hold on to hope that Ayla will be found and brought home. If 3 adult women were held captive for over a decade and finally rescued then please believe there is hope Ayla will be found alive. So we ask and plead that the public continues to look for Ayla. Her eyes are beautiful and distinctive which will be a good focal point in looking for her.

We continue to pray that a Good Samaritan will come forward with the information [law enfocement] needs to bring Ayla home. Ayla, my granddaughter is out there alive so please do not give up looking for her. If you know anything please come forward.

Phoebe DiPietro"

Police have said that it is highly unlikely that Ayla is still alive. Police acknowledged that they have given Trista Reynolds information that has not been made public, but they would not confirm or deny any of the details she shared with NEWS CENTER.

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