(NEWS CENTER) -- It doesn't happen often enough, but in Brunswick Tuesday they got to celebrate new jobs coming to Maine.

Swedish medical products company Molnlycke Health Care cut the ribbon to open its new manufacturing plant, located at Brunswick Landing. The company says it has invested $47 million in the project.

Molnlycke's top management, including board members and CEO Pierre Guyot, came from Europe to open Molnlycke's first manufacturing plant in North America. When it starts running in a few months, the plant will produce sophisticated bandages, which the company calls wound dressings. Molnlycke is a world leader in the products, but at the moment they are only made at a plant in Finland.

The company plans to have 40 people working in Brunswick by the end of the year. While waiting for all the production equipment to be set up, the new staff members have been going through training overseas. Site Manager Mark Dignum says much of that has been at the plant in Finland, but some training has happened at equipment manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland.

Molnlycke is in Maine because it bought the Rynel plant in Wiscasset a few years ago. Rynel makes a special type of foam used to make the wound dressings. Division president Phil Cooper told news center their experience with those Maine workers convinced the company to use Maine for their manufacturing expansion. And more new jobs may also be coming.

Molnlycke has purchased a product line from a company in Minnesota, and will be moving that production to Maine. The company has said it is considering expanding the plant in Wiscasset or building a second facility in Brunswick. Division President Phil Cooper says no decision has been made yet where the expansion will occur.

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